Another 3 Michelin Stars…

Michelin Guide 2012

Michelin Guide 2012

La Vie restaurant in Osnabrück, run by Thomas Bühner became the ninth 3 Star Michelin restaurant in Germany, marking out the land of Schweinshaxe and Käsespätzle as also the country with the second highest number of 3-starred Michelin restaurants after France itself.

La Vie prepares French-Mediterranean dishes with Bühner’s Asian influence with a lunchtime menu costing from €49. There are also cookery courses where one can try to learn some of the tricks of the experts to impress guests at home.

The Michelin Guide is considered the guide to fine dining and winning a third star the ultimate prize for gourmet chefs. For reference, France the home of Michelin has only 25 3-Star restaurants in the entire country.

Note: The Michelin Guide to Germany 2012 is not available until 12th December 2012, but can be pre-ordered.

Myself, I cannot write a review of La Vie as I have never eaten there, but Restaurant Heinz Winkler at Aschau im Chiemgau (which has “only” 2 Stars) was unbelievably good.

In honour, today’s Wort des Tages is the verb “essen” – to eat


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