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Land Hannover (1946)

On 1st November 1946, the post-war British military government founded the Land of Hanover (Hannover). It was short-lived as on November 23rd the British allowed it to join with other states to form Lower Saxony (Niedersachsen), the capital of which is Hanover.    

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30/31st October 1813 Battle of Hanau

The Battle of Hanau (in modern Hessen) took place on the 30th and 31st of October in the area around the city of Hanau and was part of the German Campaign of the Napoleonic Wars (In German it’s referred to as the Befreiungskriege gegen die französische Besatzung – literally the War of Freedom from French […]



83 million people in the centre of Europe – the most populous and economically powerful state in the EU. With a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde history, modern Germany has rebuilt herself as a vibrant, multicultural, technologically advanced liberal country. Not formed as a nation state until 1871 (although occupied by Germanic tribes and minor […]